About grit:lab

Why grit:lab?

grit:lab is an innovative coding program initiative on the Åland Islands, created for adults over the age of 18 looking to gain new skills and career opportunities in tech and development. The program is based on the 01 edu-system pedagogy and aims to make a beneficial contribution to the Åland society by bringing in new talent, furthering the growth of the Åland tech and startup industry and strengthening the local education system and job market.

What is grit:lab?

Grit, or as the dictionary defines it: “courage and determination despite difficulty”, encapsulates the hard-working, straight-talking Åland mentality (also known as “egensinne” or “willfulness”) to a tee. We expect nothing less from our students, shaping grit:lab to become a “lab” of experimentation of collective creativity where talented and motivated individuals immerse themselves in the high-growth mindset of always pushing for better.

Who is behind grit:lab?

At the initiative of the Åland government, Paf has been given the task of organizing the launch of the grit:lab program. In close collaboration with various tech companies on the Åland Islands, grit:lab will establish a partner network with the purpose of connecting the students with local businesses. Our goal is to stimulate the Åland job market and encourage entrepreneurship by creating new opportunities and supporting talented individuals in moving to and in the long run becoming valuable members of the Åland society.

Want to partner up?

Think that your company or organization would be a great fit for this initiative? We want you to help us establish Åland as a thriving tech hub with great career opportunities and a large community of key industry players. Become part of our network and organize hackathons, meetups, outdoor experiences and creative events in order to showcase the unique potential of the Åland Islands. Reach out to us at info@gritlab.ax for more information on how to become a partner.