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Common questions, answered.


We don’t require any prior coding experience – the only prerequisites are that you are at least 18 years old (at the time of the Piscine), want to grow and are motivated to really challenge yourself during your 2-year journey at grit:lab.

The application phase is open December 1st 2023 and ends January 31st 2024. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media channels for updates.

The application process consists of three phases: online cognitive games, online check in and on location Piscine. The first is the online cognitive games that you can participate in starting December 1st 2023 until January 31st 2024.

The best candidates at the end of the Piscine will be accepted to grit:lab. We will notify the accepted candidates by mid 2024.

The Piscine (“Swimming pool” in french) is the intensive 4-week full-time final selection phase. During this phase up to 150 participants will be introduced to the 01 Edu System, our peer-to-peer learning platform containing all of the program’s study content. The learning process is based around completing various quests in the program. There will be an exam at the end of each week based on the previous week’s learnings. During the Piscine, you will participate in teamwork exercises (called Raids) to solidify what you’ve learned so far.

If you’re among the group of candidates invited to the Piscine, prepare yourself for 4 intense but awesome weeks. You will get to know inspiring people, learn a lot in a short amount of time and challenge yourself to push your limits beyond what you thought possible. There will be two Piscines taking place during spring 2024 at the grit:lab campus on the Åland Islands. Piscine I, April 2024 or Piscine II, May 2024. Accommodation is provided completely for free for all Piscine participants.

The Online Cognitive Games consist of two games that will test your memory, problem solving skills, and logical thinking. No preparation needed, just make sure to set aside 2 hours of your time and that you are in a quiet place with good internet connection. We strongly recommend that you use your computer and not your mobile device. Remember: The games cannot be paused! You may close the tab and later reopen it but the timer will keep running in the background.

The correct answers won’t be published online as this might give an unfair advantage to the candidates who have not started the application process yet. But feel free to discuss your solutions with your peers during the Piscine or when you start school!

Program & Campus

Yes, the program is officially recognized by the Ålands Gymnasium and its participants may be eligible for student grants.

After you’ve been accepted to grit:lab you can apply for student grants the same way you would for other officially recognized schools. For example from KELA/FPA in Finland and from CSN in Sweden.

No tuition, studying at grit:lab is completely free! At the campus you will be working with the latest technology and get comfy in our modern facilities where we offer free coffee, tea, fruits and more. During the Piscine the accommodation will also be free of charge and once you’ve enrolled in the main program you’ll be able to apply for study grant.

The program is 24 months and will start September 2024 and will end August 2026.

The grit:lab program takes 24 months to complete, although it is possible to finish within 18 months depending on your progress and time-management. There are no planned breaks and the studies are full-time on campus.

You will follow a peer-to-peer learning methodology using the 01 Edu System and collaborate with and learn from your peers. The study platform is designed to help you learn coding from scratch. Additionally, there are self-initiated study groups and student chats where you can work together on tasks and help each other grow.

At grit:lab, you’ll go from coding rookie to full stack web developer. During the foundational 18 months of the program you’ll learn to code in any programming environment by completing 50+ projects using Javascript, Go and Rust/Java. You may also choose to learn C, C++, Ruby-on-Rails, PHP and Python. This is followed by an additional 6 months of specialization.

The grit:lab program is conducted in English only to fit the needs of the industry. You don’t need to be at an expert level of English to succeed in the program (basic understanding is enough), however it’s very important that you keep working on your English skills as this will be essential in your work life.

At grit:lab we also offer an opportunity to learn Swedish which is the local language on the Åland Islands.

Our campus is located at Lövdalsvägen 8 on the Åland Islands, Finland. Come say hi!

The grit:lab program will be held at our Åland Islands campus. Since our philosophy is deeply rooted in creative collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, you can’t study remotely and will have to be physically present on location during the entirety of your studies.

Nope. Our innovative grit:lab campus is equipped with iMacs in the vibrant Åland colors red, blue and yellow. Pretty cool stuff if you ask us!

You’ll have various assignments you’ll need to complete until a fixed deadline in order to move on to the next level in the program. This means that your progress will be highly dependent on your time management skills – essentially, you will be your own project manager and fully responsible for making sure that you keep up with the general timeline. You’ll have no official breaks during the 2 years at grit:lab but you may complete assignments in advance if you are planning to take some time off.

The program is very intense and your regular days will be 8-10 hours long. Based on experiences from other schools using the 01 Edu methodology, combining studies and work will be nearly impossible and not something we’d recommend if you want to be able to fully focus on your studies.

At grit:lab, you’ll learn everything you need to succeed in today’s (and tomorrow’s) tech industry. Additionally, a large part of the program is our partner network, through which you will meet and work with local tech businesses to make sure you stay ahead of the curve in terms of connections and relevant skills.

Endless seascapes and untouched nature – the Åland Islands truly are a peaceful Mecca for anyone looking to get away from the noise and just focus. But don’t take our word for it, see what our supporters over at Åland Living are saying!

Piscine Accommodation

During the Piscine you’ll be sharing a room completely free of charge with one other student at Strandnäs Hotel.

Zero tuition, free accommodation, shared iMac computers on campus – at grit:lab we want to make sure that everyone gets a shot. You will only need to pay for your trip to Åland, your insurance, food and other personal expenses.

To Pre-order a Taxi you can download Mariehamns Taxi app from App Store or Google Play

You will have kitchen facilities at the Hotel as well as at grit:lab campus. If you prefer to eat out there are plenty of options both for lunch and dinner on Åland. Here you’ll find the daily lunch menus from more than 25 lunch restaurants.

Accommodation during Full Program

During the full program starting from September 2024 you can choose any form of housing you wish. Here at the Åland Living website you’ll find some good tips about housing and rentals on Åland.

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