Fast track your way to a career in tech. With grit:lab.

Want to land a purposeful job in tech? At grit:lab on the Åland Islands, you’ll learn the skills and mindset it takes. Zero coding experience required and completely free.

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Innovating coding education.

Project-based curriculum, collaborative environment and a hands-on, solution oriented approach to learning – the 24-month grit:lab program will equip you with the most in-demand skills in tech.

100% project-based

We believe in solving problems hands on – this is why grit:lab is 100% practical and project-based. Zero classes and no predefined curriculum, with us, you’ll prepare yourself for the real deal.

Teacher-free zone

Ever heard of a school without teachers? Welcome to grit:lab! You’ll explore the world of coding in close collaboration with your peers and learn from both your failures and successes.

Gamified experience

The learning process at grit:lab is based on levels, scores and an overall gamified experience. Using all the key elements of gaming, you’ll be able to see your progress in real time.

Life on and around the grit:lab campus.

Discovering hidden gems around the world is your thing? Then studying at grit:lab on the Åland Islands may be right up your alley. Our campus offers the highest technology and inspiring offices – and just so happens to be surrounded by some of Northern Europe’s most beautiful views.

How it works.

Phase 1: Application & Selection

To apply to grit:lab you don’t need any prior coding experience. The only prerequisites are that you are least 18 years old, want to grow and are motivated to challenge yourself during this 2-year experience.

1 month150 participantsOn location

Online test

Your application starts with a 2-hour online test that will challenge your logical thinking skills and memory. We will select 150 people out of all the test participants and invite you to the 4-weeks Piscine on the Åland Islands.


The 4-week Piscine on the Åland Islands consists of an intensive and inspiring introductory period where you’ll find out if grit:lab is right for you. You’ll immerse yourself in the world of coding, team work and collective creativity. This process gives you a solid starting point for the rest of the program and lets you get into the specific mindset you need in order to excel in tech.

Start the grit:lab journey

Out of the 150 Piscine participants, a final number of 50 students will be selected and invited to start their journeys at grit:lab in August 2022. Congratulations and welcome to the Åland Islands!

Phase 2: Foundational learning

During phase 2, you’ll put your new knowledge gained from the Piscine experience to good use and start your journey towards becoming a full-stack software developer.

18 months50 participantsOn location

Project-based learning

By the end of phase 2, you’ll have completed well over 50 projects and be proficient in Javascript, Go, and Rust. Your stack will also include must-have languages such as C, C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python – preparing you to work in any programming environment.

Partner network

Some of your projects during Phase 2 will be carried out in collaboration with or inspired by our large network of local partner companies. Studying at grit:lab will provide you with the opportunity to meet and connect with key people in the Åland tech industry.

Hackathons and meetups

Our philosphy at grit:lab is that collaboratively solving problems pushes people to excel. This is why you’ll regularly get to challenge yourself and your group by participating in various hackathons and coding meetups.

Phase 3: Final specialization

During phase 3, you will choose an area you want to specialize in. You’ll get to pick and choose from a variety of fields to fully prepare you for your dream career.

6 months50 participantsOn location

Industry-relevant expertise

Game development, AI, AR, graphics and design peak your interest? Or are mobile/web app development and cyber security more to your liking? Pick and choose which field is right for you – our areas of specialization are always up to date and relevant for tomorrow’s markets.

After grit:lab

After completing the grit:lab experience, you’ll have gained a future-proof set of skills, become part of a flourishing network on the Åland Islands and further developed your mindset and creativity, allowing you to quickly adapt and perform in all fields of the tech industry.
Apply now to be part of a life-changing, challenging and inspiring journey.

When can I start?

Application: January to March 2022 (2 hour online test)

Piscine: May 2022 or June 2022 (4 weeks on location)

Program start: August 2022 (18 + 6 months on location)

Tuition: Free

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